Sunday Afternoon Weather Discussion

I hope your Sunday has been great. We dealt with lots of clouds very early in the day, but the sun made a full recovery by the noon time hour. With clear skies in place for tonight, lows will dip below freezing; lows tonight are expected to reach into the lower 30s. Things will really begin to cool off tomorrow and Tuesday, with highs in the lower 50s tomorrow and upper 40s on Tuesday. We will begin to see more changes by Wednesday, with highs remaining cold. Temperatures will struggle to reach the upper 40s. Also, there will be an increase in clouds. I have placed a 20% chance for showers in the forecast for Wednesday, but most of that will come during the overnight hours. With temperatures expected to reach the freezing mark Wednesday night at Thursday morning, I have included an interesting forecast. A gulf low is going to develop and move just to our south. With that being the case, we will be in a favorable place to see some wintry weather. Things could change in a hurry, so be sure to keep it right here with us as we progress into the mid week time frame. As of this afternoon, the data is hinting at a chance for frozen precipitation Wednesday night. Most of it will be light, so there is no travel issues expected at this time. As the precipitation overspreads the state and the temperatures climb above freezing on Thursday; it should all turn into a soaking rain. Now, the best chance for wintry weather will be north of town; places in the Tennessee Valley stand the best chance for that. Don’t be surprised to see a few snowflakes or sleet pellets mixed in Wednesday night around here. This is a very complicated system, and the slightest change in track and intensity could spell an entirely different forecast. This will be a storm to watch, as we will be on the boarder line between wintry weather and just a cold rain. Be sure to keep it right here with us as we track the developments of that system. Once it exits our region Thursday night and temperatures drop into the freezing range again, we may deal with some snow flurries or light snow. The best chance will again be north of Tuscaloosa.

The cold weather continues into Friday and Saturday, with highs in the middle to upper 40s. We will see a return of sunshine by Friday, but despite the sunny weather, it’s going to be cold! We will also be dealing with a hard freeze Saturday and Sunday Mornings, with lows well down into the 20s. I hope you will join us tonight at 10 p.m. for the latest look at your forecast. Have a great day!

Richard Scott
WVUA TV’s Weekend Weather Anchor

Rain or Flurries This Morning?

I wanted to mention that we’re working to resolve the current conditions and regional temperature issues on the site. The temperature says 63-degrees, while the current temperatures are in fact, in the 30s.

Look out fans of snow! As we first reported on Thursday, there is the possibility for some light rain tonight, possibly mixed with some snow or sleet. The latest radar trends are showing some radar returns moving through east Mississippi. If this activity holds together a flurry or two can’t be ruled out as the temperatures profile will be near the freezing point. According to the latest surface reports out of Mississippi, temperatures were way above freezing and the moisture wasn’t reaching the surface. However, the returns have appeared stronger in the latest radar sweeps. Therefore, if feel some precipitation can’t be ruled out throughout the early morning hours.

Another winter weather possibility? We’re still fine tuning our long range forecast and it appears there could be some wintry precipitation in the mix next week. The long range data still advertises a surface low passing to our south by next Thursday. If this system is strong enough, there may be some snow flurries or snow showers in the mix by Thursday night. This will occur as a deep upper air trough allows very cold air to spill into Alabama. Stay tuned as we monitor the developments with this system. For now we don’t see any problems; however, a stronger-northward tracking system, with the proper cold air ingredient, may open the door for a greater wintry weather possibility.

(Image: NWS radar showing light returns via clear air mode)

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist