Wednesday Afternoon Discussion

Satellite ImageI hope you’re having a nice day… some of us around the newsroom are moving a little slower today, as we had a little holiday gathering.

Another thing we’re excited about, aside from the ample amount of grub, we’re debuting our new weather system on the air this evening.  It will bring you a much clearer picture of what the weather is doing, and what it’s going to do here in West Alabama.  It has several interactive components.  What does that mean?  Well, we’ll be able to manipulate maps, and more, on the air.  Also part of this, a much improved radar system.  It also has interactive components for us to use while we’re on the air with you.  We’ll be sharing some of the components with you over the coming days.  Now to the forecast…

 Tomorrow looks like we have a good chance for some showers in the area as a warm front moves towards us.  There might be a couple rumbles of thunder far south of Tuscaloosa.  Temperatures will be mild, with highs in the middle 60s.    We’ll continue to have a few showers in the area Thursday night.

Friday, expect a mix of sun and clouds, with temperatures approaching 70 around the area!  Friday night, the clouds start to thicken back up and there might be a shower or two late.

Saturday, a potent cold front will move through the area.  With the front, we expect some thunderstorms and rain.  Some of the storms could be strong.  We’ll keep an eye on that here in the weather center.

Sunday, we’ll start off with a slight chance of a few showers early in the morning, and temperatures will be much colder.  We’ll go from highs around 70 Friday and Saturday… to highs near 49 Sunday.

Christmas Eve, temperatures will only top off near 50, with mostly sunny skies.  Christmas Eve night, temperatures will fall to about freezing.  Christmas we’ll see highs near 55 with partly cloudy skies.

Late Christmas night and the day after, we could see a few sprinkles here in West Alabama.

Robert Stevenson/WVUA Weather