Monday Forecast Discussion Update

A sprawling area of high pressure has built in over the state and this has set the stage for much colder weather conditions. It was amazing to see the contrast in temperatures over the state this past weekend. On Saturday at one point temperatures were in the warm 70s, while other parts of the state were in the 40s. I was one of the thousands out and about, tackling holiday shopping on Saturday. I had my short sleeve shirt on at noon and by 7:00 p.m. I had to break out the jacket.

Once again, cold and dry conditions are back. Due to the dry conditions, there are red flag warnings in place highlighting the high fire weather danger, so try to avoid burning at all cost. Tonight we will deal with more freezing temperatures and tomorrow will start a warming trend with temperatures recovering into the 60s by Wednesday. A storm system entering the Pacific Northwest will make a southward trek across the southern Rockies and end up impacting our area by Thursday. We will have increasing clouds on Wednesday with a chance of rain late in the day. The main window for rain will be Wednesday night and during the day on Thursday. We will have a good chance for rain and thunderstorms followed a brief reprieve on Friday.

We will have another chance of rain over the weekend before Christmas. This system will quickly roll into town early Saturday and provide lots of clouds along with a chance for rain. This system will be accompanied by a sharp upper air trough, which will allow some really cold air to move in as the rain departs. The long range data is highlighting another potential rain maker for the day after Christmas. Despite all of the heavy rain that impacted the southeastern states over the weekend and the dark skies to gusty winds that moved through our area on Saturday, we really didn’t see much rain at all with many totals staying well below 0.10”. There were some trees toppled with the winds on Saturday, but this was due to the gusty winds as the cooler air pushed in. We had many viewers calling in with concern about severe weather on Saturday, but I wanted to clarify that there were no major thunderstorms in our area on Saturday. Some storms tried to organize into a line just east of Tuscaloosa County Saturday afternoon, but that activity didn’t reach the severe level. Hopefully, we will have much better results with the rainmakers that move through in the days ahead. There is now doubt that this is one of the worst droughts in history and hopefully the year 2008 will be more kind to us as far as rain in concerned. Have a great day and join us tonight for more weather details.

Over the past months we have been very busy in the weather center getting geared up for a major unveiling which will take place this week. You don’t want to miss our weather coverage on Wednesday as we will be bringing you the weather for the first time, as never seen before on WVUA. We have quite a few surprises for you!

Wes Wyatt
WVUA Chief Meteorologist