Wednesday Forecast Discussion Update

Happy Halloween! Our weather has been far from dark and gloomy today. The weather has been picture perfect, with plenty of sunshine and very comfortable afternoon temperatures. It will be hard to not get out and trick or treat on this Halloween as evening weather conditions will be excellent. It may be a bit chilly starting around 8:00 and I’m expecting lows to drop into the middle 40s.

The weather outlook over the next 3 to 4 days looks very dry. Each day we will have ample sunshine, with highs reaching the comfortable middle 70s. A cold front will move through early tomorrow and the only thing we will experience is a shift in wind direction. A reinforcing shot of cool dry air will settle in and this will mean seasonal temperatures through the weekend.

The only major storm system near the southeast is a tropical storm over Cuba. Noel continues to slowly make a turn towards the Bahamas. The system will later make a turn northeastward into the Atlantic, away from land. The only impacts to the U.S will be coastal erosion along Florida’s East Coast.

Beyond the weekend, the data continues to point at a very cold air mass invading the country next week. By next Thursday a shallow layer of very cold air will sink southward towards Alabama and we will quite possibly see our first round of freezing temperatures by next Thursday or Friday morning. There could be a stray shower along with a few clouds as this cold air approaches on Tuesday; otherwise, not much rain at all is expected. Be sure to join us at five, six, and ten for more details!

Chief Meteorologist Wes Wyatt
WVUA-TV Weather

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