Sunday Afternoon Weather Update


If you are looking for nice weather, Alabama is the place to be! I hope you are having a great Sunday! Today was another picture-perfect day, with sunny skies and a cool breeze out of the north. Tonight, temperatures will quickly drop off into the upper 40s for lows, with clear skies in place. This will be the pattern over the next 5 to 7 days, as we will see cold nights, followed by warm and sunny afternoons.  

Things will remain very tranquil for a while, with a nice fall like pattern in place. Also, for Halloween, our spooky forecast doesn’t look spooky at all. Highs on Wednesday will be in the middle 70s, with lots of sun. For all of the trick-or-treaters heading out Wednesday night, you will need to bundle up because temperatures will quickly drop after the sun sets. We have a very dry air mass in place, so our temperatures will heat and cool very rapidly.  

A look into November shows no big changes anytime soon. Highs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday look normal this time of the year, with lots of sunshine across the area. However, things do look very interesting in about 10 days out, with a setup for rain and much colder temperatures afterwards.  

The tropics have begun to heat up once again. We are now watching Tropical Storm Noel. The 5 p.m. advisory on this storm has winds sustained at 60 mph and was situated very close to Haiti. Noel has been undergoing a stage of rapid development, but with it’s proximity to the mountainous terrain of Cuba and Haiti, it is unlikely that it will strengthen much more tonight. The big question is will it impact the U.S. Mainland? As of now, the projected track from the National Hurricane Center turns Noel out to sea before making much of an impact to Florida. Our friends in South Florida will need to keep a close eye to this storm as it moves close by.  

Be sure to tune tonight at 10 p.m. for the latest on Noel and your home team forecast. 

WVUA TV’s Richard Scott 

Image source: (National Hurricane Center)

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  1. rs says:

    Saturday or Sunday look??????????

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