Saturday Afternoon Weather Discussion


A good Saturday to you! We are finally beginning to see signs of fall approaching, as we are now getting cold fronts pushing further southward. Today, we have been stuck in the summer time pattern, with partly cloudy skies; a few folks to our northwest got lucky enough to see a stray shower, but most of us have stayed dry. Many places this afternoon topped out in the low 90s. 

The tropics have become very interesting, as we are now nearing the peak of Hurricane season. We have Tropical Storm Gabrielle spinning towards the outer banks of North Carolina. The good news for the folks in the outer banks is that Gabrielle is not forecasted to strengthen that much over the next couple of days. As of the 5pm advisory, the sustained winds were only at 40mph. The latest path from the National Hurricane Center re-curves this storm out into the open Atlantic in about 2 days. 

Here locally for tonight, we can’t rule out a stray shower, but the chance of rain is very small. Many places tonight will stay dry, with overnight lows near 70.  

Things will begin to change tomorrow, as we will be under a southerly flow; this will help bring in plenty of moisture into our area, which will help out in the rainfall chances as Monday gets here. Highs will remain on the hot side through Monday, with highs in the low 90s. Whoever gets the extra clouds and rain will likely stay in the 80s all day on Monday. 

As a front approaches from the north, our rain chances will continue to go up. Earlier this week, we were expecting the front to pass through, getting us underneath a drier setup for next weekend. Now, it looks like the front may actually stall out somewhere across the state by Wednesday. I believe this will be a setup where places north of Tuscaloosa will be dry, while folks south of town will have the better opportunity for showers and thunderstorms. This is really good news for places south of town. We are hoping that the front will stall out, keeping us under a wet setup, but unfortunately, that means that we won’t see that first refreshing shot of cooler and drier air. But, we desperately need the rain, so we will take what we can get.  

There are signs that another front may get its act together and push our way in about 7 to 8 days, but that is too far out to be specific on. Right now, we can just say that things are beginning to look better for us in the rainfall department over the next 10 days. 

Have a great weekend!

Image source: (National Hurricane Center)

WVUA TV’S Richard Scott

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