Monday Night Update/Lunar Eclipse

We’ve seen quite a bit of rain out there tonight and we will sure take all we can get. Some spots over Northwest Greene County and Northwest Bibb/Northeast Hale counties received well over an inch of rain. So far the Tuscaloosa airport has measured only 0.03” and as of 8:03 p.m. the rain was still falling in Tuscaloosa. Light rain will continue through the late night hours for much of West Alabama. The last batch of afternoon thunderstorms to impact West Alabama moved in from Jefferson County, from the northeast. Now we’re seeing what is left of that small thunderstorm complex bring rain to communities like Eutaw, Union, and Elrod. The rain will gradually dissipate, with some areas of fog tonight. You can expect the thunderstorms to become quite active again by tomorrow afternoon.

As we first mentioned on the news at five and six, there will be a lunar Eclipse overnight. Unfortunately, this will happen during the early morning hours tomorrow. The event will start unfolding around 3:30 a.m. and continue through daybreak. If you’re an early riser you may be able to catch a good glimpse of the Eclipse on the outer regions of town. The peak of the event will be impossible to see as the sun will be on the horizon. Folks on the Pacific Coast should get a nice viewing of the earths shadow on the moon.

Chief Meteorologist Wes Wyatt
WVUA-TV Weather

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