Monday Afternoon Forecast Discussion Update

The heat is on! Temperatures across the region have been flirting with the 100-degree mark today, with heat indices climbing above 100. The criteria for a heat advisory, is a heat index of at-least 110-degrees, with a nighttime low at or above 80-degrees. Much of Mississippi and Georgia are now under heat advisories and we may be next on the list as temperatures climb even higher.

A large upper air ridge has built in over the region and today, on the satellite imagery, we can see a display of the classic summertime ring of fire. This is an area of rain and thunderstorm development on the outer edges of the ridge. Locally, we’re still managing to see some isolated thunderstorm development due to the extreme heat. Some of us will be fortunate enough to get some rain to help cool us off. However, we’re still dealing with extreme drought conditions and no major relief is in sight. The record high for Tuscaloosa tomorrow is 100 and that was set back in 1956. We may tie that record tomorrow, with a forecasted high near 99-degrees.

As we look ahead towards the mid to late portions of the week, don’t expect much change. In fact, I’m expecting us to experience some of the hottest, if not the hottest weather of the summer. Temperatures will be topping out near 100-degrees and there is a chance that on Friday many spots will top 100 for the actual high. This will put the heat index well above 100-degrees. Be sure to keep in mind some important safety tips, especially when dealing with this kind of heat. Make sure the elderly have a place to take shelter from the heat, keep lots of water on hand, try working outdoors during the early morning hours, and make sure the pets have a shady spot, and plenty of water. Be sure to tune in tonight for a look at some of the temperature reports from around the state and a detailed outlook on the weather for the next seven days.

Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist WVUA-TV