Most Memorable Weather Moment

I have a story to take your mind off of all the summer heat. I’m going to take you back to March 12, 1993, which happens to be my most memorable weather event. I was a five-year-old girl obsessed with snow. One who would always get her hopes up whenever the weatherman even mentioned the word, snow. I remember telling myself not to get excited about the storm because it was just going to let me down. So I carried on my night like a normal five-year-old. Right before bed, I looked out the window and was quite excited as I saw snow falling. I got so excited, but I talked myself into just going to sleep. My experience from the following morning was one I’ll never forget. I walked into my garage and opened the garage door and saw a two-foot wall of snow. I then ran back inside to my mother screaming and yelling, “Snow!” Once I got all bundled up, I spent the rest of the day outside playing in the best snowfall Alabama and myself will probably ever experience.

WVUA Intern-Laura Radford

(Image Source: NWS)

5 Responses to Most Memorable Weather Moment

  1. Anonymous says:

    It seems like yesterday when we saw the big snow! I remember it so well. Even in Linden, we saw a lot of snow; in-fact, we got more than Tuscaloosa that March. I remember how hard it was to walk through the thick snow. I am a big snow fan, so I am hoping for another one in our future.

    Richard Scott

  2. Mike Wilhelm says:

    Between 1985 and 1993 we saw several occurances of snow and ice in North and Central Alabama. I remember a crippling ice storm in Huntsville in 1985, a 10″ snow in HSV in 1988, an 8-10″ snow in Tuscaloosa in 91 or 92, and of course the “Blizzard of 93”. These were all major events and there were some others mixed in. Since then, we’ve seen very little. That is too bad because my boys were born in 93, 96, and 99. They are missing out on snow. Maybe this winter…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mike,
    Aren’t we all snow fans at heart? I’ve got to see several majors snow’s across the state over the years. I do actually recall numerous snow storms in Linden, which is about 75 miles south of T-town, back in the early 90s; it may have been a couple of inches on the ground, but I remember them happening several times back then. It would be interesting to find some data on that.

    Richard Scott

  4. We had a foot up here in Cookeville, TN on that day! Quite exciting for us! Up in Gatlinburg, my brother in-law and 3 other families were stuck in a cabin for several days and were eventually rescued by the National Guard. When rescued, they had no food, no electricity, had run out of firewood (even though they swiped it from other empty cabins), AND the toilets quit about roughing it! 🙂

  5. AJ says:

    I was in the 11th grade(and still riding the bus)on that Friday afternoon. Everyone there was buzzing with the snow rumor. And like all other snow rumors that turned out to be nothing, my response was “yea, right!”. Why get your hopes up for nothing. My dad comes in from work and decided we were going to ride down to the florida line to buy lottery tickets. To put this into perspective, we live about an hour NE of Birmingham, roughly 5 hours from the state line.
    Here comes the fun part! We drive to Florida and back with no incident, until we got into Birmingham. A few flakes here and there, then it began to snow a little harder, then by the time we reached where I-65 meets I-59 it was full blown. It was pitch black, no hwy. lights were on, green lightning, transformers would blow and spark blue, and not 1 car on the road at 1 a.m. My parents had to stop every 5-10 min. to get out and scrape the snow that was caked up on the headlights off cause you couldn’t see them. On a drive from Birmingham, which normally takes an hour to get home, it took us about 3 hrs. Gadsden looked like a ghost town when we got there. My parents, me, and 3 sisters curled up in the bed and didn’t hardly move for 2 days. The most exciting weather I’ve experienced so far.

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