Monday Afternoon Forecast Update

Good Afternoon…If you’ve tuned into the station today you probably noticed that we are in long form coverage with our affiliate CNN. Just in case you haven’t heard, the worst shooting incident in U.S. history has occurred at Virginia Tech. Over 30 students lost their lives to a gunman today and nearly 28 have been wounded. Our prayers certainly go out to all of the families involved. In the meantime, one of the nastiest nor’easters for mid-April has prompted state of emergencies in West Virginia and New Jersey. This was the same storm system that moved through our area on Saturday. Flights have been grounded in many airports and the high winds and snow continue to impact the region. Be sure to tune in tonight for some scenes from that part of the country.

The sun made it out today, but gusty winds made a return. Temperatures at last report, were in the 70s and tonight as the winds calm, lows will drop to near 43-degrees. Don’t put away the jackets just yet as it seems the cold weather is trying to hold a tight grip on the region. Tomorrow we will warm into the upper 70s, with lots of sunshine. Tomorrow is going to be perfect and the winds won’t be too bad.

A southern tracking storm system will be moving through on Wednesday. This system will be in a weakening phase, but it will produce patchy areas of light rain and isolated thunderstorms. Look for patchy areas of light rain, with some rumbles of thunder early on. This activity will move out by Wednesday evening, with temperatures tumbling into the 40s. Thursday will be a dry day, but the dry conditions will make for a cold Thursday night. Lows will be near 40-degrees and possibly upper 30s in some spots. As mentioned, it seems the cold weather want to keep a tight grip on Alabama. Have a great day and tune in tonight for more details!

Wes Wyatt
Chief Meteorologist WVUA-TV