Monday Afternoon Forecast Discussion Update

What a nice day! The sky was about as blue as it can get across the area today and temperatures were quite pleasant. Due to dry air in place, temperatures will drop off quickly after sunset and we will have lows in the upper 30s. It still won’t be quite as cold as it could be due to some light winds. A weak disturbance will pass to our north tonight and this will cause the winds to pick-up. In the wake of this feature, look for a light northerly breeze to develop by late tonight and into the day tomorrow. It’s still going to be beautiful tomorrow, with lots of sun and highs near 70-degrees.

Things go downhill starting on Wednesday as a warm front lifts in from the Gulf of Mexico. This will be in response to a large storm system over the Plains States. Clouds will increase on Wednesday, with an easterly wind becoming southerly Wednesday night. Look for showers to arrive and become heavier overnight. There could be some thunderstorms as the warm front lifts in and some of these elevated storms could produce some large hail or gusty straight-line winds.

We will catch a break in the rain early on Thursday and it’s not out of the question a little sunshine could break through the clouds. There will be a muggy southerly wind in place, with highs in the upper 70s. A cold front associated with this same storms system will swing through late Thursday afternoon and into Thursday night. This is when we could deal with a round of rain and strong thunderstorms…We will monitor things closely and keep you posted. As the heavy storms and rain move through, dry air will quickly follow, with cooler conditions on Friday. Look for highs near 59-degrees on Friday, with mostly sunny skies returning.

Be sure to join us at five, six, and ten for more details!

Updated By: Chief Meteorologist Wes Wyatt

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