Hurricane Season Comes To An End

The 2006 hurricane season comes to an end tomorrow as we head into the month of December. Fortunately, there is no comparison between the tropical systems this year and last year’s record breaking season. During this season, most of the storms that developed stayed out to sea; in-fact, the U.S. did not get impacted by any hurricanes. However, we did have a few Tropical Storms that made landfall in the U.S. mainland. This season, there was a nearly persistent trough that hung tough over the eastern U.S.; this allowed for strong wind shear to basically rip apart any storm that tried to move towards the east coast. Here is a list of the storms that developed during the 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season.

Tropical Storm Alberto: Impacted the U.S. & parts of our region
Tropical Storm Beryl: Impacted the U.S.
Tropical Storm Chris
Tropical Strom Debby
Hurricane Ernesto: Impacted the U.S.
Hurricane Florence:
Hurricane Gordon
Hurricane Helene
Hurricane Isaac

WVUA T.V. Weather Intern: Richard Scott

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