Thursday Afternoon Update/Cold Days Ahead

When you think of winter, this date will stand as about the best example you can get. I was thinking earlier that a warm bowl of homemade soup would be good tonight. Cloudy skies combined with a cold north wind have made for very raw conditions. As expected, we’ve stayed in the 40s all day long and the north wind has made it feel like we were in the 30s at times. The main low-pressure center with this system looks very impressive on the satellite imagery today as it spins its way across central Tennessee. This system will produce snow showers over the higher elevations of Tennessee and North Carolina. More severe weather actually struck North Carolina today, with high winds and tornadoes. The flow around the southwest quadrant of this system is keeping us under the stratus cloud deck, with a north wind flow. The back edge of the clouds is now entering western Mississippi so as the storm lifts northeast we will start seeing some breaks late tonight. Lows will be dropping into the middle 30s.

Tomorrow the sun will make a welcomed return and thankfully the winds won’t be as gusty. I do think some clouds will be moving through later in the day tomorrow as some weak-broader scale energy moves through. Temperatures will still be on the cool side, with highs struggling to reach 60-degrees. You can expect lows near the freezing mark, as skies clear tomorrow night. I get the idea that the cold air is here to stay for a while. We will climb to near 64 on Saturday, but another sharp cold front will move in and drop temperatures in the 50s for highs on Sunday. Right now I do see an increase in clouds as this cold air arrives Sunday. There will be an upper level storm system digging southward towards the northeast corner of the state. We will have to keep a close eye on how this system materializes. I can’t rule out a shower or two late Sunday, but this activity should arrive before lows drop to freezing Sunday night. Clouds will be back on Monday and temperatures all day will be staying in the 40s. We will keep a close eye on things and if the new data tries to show us any surprises I will be the first to let you know.

(Image: Unysis, GFS 850 mb pressure level~5,000ft. Valid for Monday morning-This image shows another blast of cold air diving into the state.)

Updated by: Chief Meteorologist Wes Wyatt